Madame J. Loves Mango
Voor de Pittige Tante
€ 10,50

Pineapple Mule
Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside
€ 9,50

Twisted Cosmo
€ 9,50

Charlie Chaplin
Fruity, Bitter and Sweet what do you want more?
€ 10,50

Dordrecht 75
The best Champange cocktail in town
€ 11,50

Spiced Daiquiri
Spice up your life
€ 7,50

Basil Smash
The best gin cocktail there is
€ 9,50

XO Sour
Shaken not stirred
€ 8,50

Tom Collins
Nobody is fresher than Tom
€ 8,50

Punch (Sharing is caring cocktails for 2)
We have lost the art of sharing and caring so let’s drink
€ 20,50